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  1. Kaitlyn


    Lisa , they would like to focus on pre academic skills and task completion with ABA. The original plan was for her to attend the afternoon kindergarten to be exposed to the social aspect of the class (the afternoon is less academic) but she has shown so much dysregulation during that time, it was giving her no benefits. The is pretty complicated , do you feel they should be focusing on self regulation at all?
  2. Kaitlyn


    Great thank you ! Funny how they can send me an email (yesterday) asking what my decision is but they don’t send me the required paperwork.
  3. Kaitlyn


    Hello everyone. I have a 5 yr old daughter. The team did not feel she was ready for the demands of kindergarten. So this school year we decided to do another year of preK and introduce afternoon kindergarten. It is not going well in kindergarten. She is completely dysregulated and melting down in class. The RBT is unable to focus on anything besides “behavioral management “ They are proposing the do a full day of prek and ABA clinic 2 days a week. This requires a PWN correct ? They have sent me no paperwork whatsoever and the meeting was a full week ago… thanks!
  4. The OOD school offers half day pre k as well as full day K. Currently she is in half day prek and an ABA clinic in the PM (don’t get me started in that ) yes they are offering AM prek PM K. They are concerned with her inability to attend to tasks specifically table work and she’s still working on very basic pre academic. This past year was focused mostly of behavioral interventions. The explanation I received from our distric regarding OOD placement again is that she will benefit from another year of PREK still building. Specifically academically. She requires an extensive amount of support. 1:1 at all times,sensory breaks,unable to attend to a task for more then 40 seconds. I just don’t know what to do.
  5. Hi everyone. I’m looking for advice.. I have an almost 5yr old daughter. She has an extensive IEP and has significant delays (overall 24 months developmentally) She has been placed in an OOD preschool program this past school year. The team, including our private neuropsych is suggesting repeating preschool next year with a PM kindergarten program (all being at the OOD placement ) I am torn on what to do. I originally thought that was the perfect plan but now I’m doubting it. I would love her to be at her home district and I think with the right supports she may do just fine. The biggest concern from the IEP team is her inability to focus and complete table top tasks and socially she struggles to be “appropriate “ in their eyes but I’ve seen immense progress there. Any advise ?!
  6. Kaitlyn


    Hi there! We had an IEP meeting 2 weeks ago. At that meeting we discussed ESY, next year placement and I requested team meetings every 6 weeks which they agreed to and said they would add to the IEP. The only post meeting documentation I have received are meeting minutes. We have our annua IEP MEETING in one month. Would you be asking for an PWN (prior written notice) for the proposals from the initial meeting ? I agree with the next year placement and want to be sure they don’t come back and take that option away. Thank you!
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