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  1. School is just starting this past week. Her mom has been in the hospital but an aunt talked to the school. They had never evaluated her last year because it wasn't requested when she moved into the district. They just swapped her to a 504. The aunt had mom put a request in writing so she should be getting evaluated. I explained to Aunt (my mother in law who asked me how all this works since my own son has an IEP) that there are probably other areas she's pushing through not realizing she could be getting assistance, like with note taking since she tires easily when writing. Aunt talked one on one with the teen and she had no idea. So now we wait for evals.
  2. I'm not sure if they have a qualified teacher since it's a small town and we don't know what grounds to insist on an IEP. It's kind of a chicken and egg situation. She needs an IEP to have the APE but they changed her IEP to a 504 when she moved there.
  3. I've only ever seen motor skills and OT/PT related to younger students. How do you approach a high school regarding a teen who is unable to participate fully in Phys Ed due to symptoms of a gene mutation? She is required to get PE credits for graduation but is not participating in the class. Mostly sitting on the bench. She will get credit but she isn't receiving physical education (and her PT/OT is outside school). I've read about Adaptive PE for autistic students who also have low muscle tone but can't find anything that applies to students who need modification for similar physical needs only. Student lives in TN and previously had an IEP but moved and the new school pushed for a 504 which is mostly leaving classes early to be on time for the next class.
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