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  1. Thoughts with you and yours! Agree with Carolyn above. There's some multi-pronged approaches you can go with this. Start a paper trail to document your qualitative assessment, “At home or during homework/reading time we see that after an episode, he's able regulate by accessing x, y, z and we use A strategy and he is able to return to the activity after 30 minutes. This makes it difficult for Sam to complete the homework and access the curriculum we’re seeing for G and F courses. We know the school environment varies from home, so we are looking forward to the school’s observations and providing us raw data for different times and coursework at school”. You don't have to add so much information as above, but every little bit helps! Start small and then start taking your own data, video, and observations. How long to complete HW? What courses? What times? Does your student come home and “fall apart” each day? Also you can make requests and force the school to say no. You can always nicely ask for a copy of the written guidance and a filled out example template (policy) to help you “better understand how to provide this data so that your scholar can access a free and appropriate education”. I'd also push this back to the school with a nice, “Wonderful! So you'll gather this data for the next x weeks. Can we collaborate on the data collection matrix and the collection methods so I can also do the same at home?”I really like using the, “Is there a BCBA on staff or other behavioral therapist that can help me with this request? Can you provide parent training as a supplementary service on this?” You can also ask for an evaluation or a functional behavior assessment. Good luck, you got this!
  2. My 5-YO son is pulled into SPED 30 min/week where he is read a random ableist social story with at least one other 5YO. Anyone have luck in specifying/providing input on what happens during this time? Anyone have luck in getting their child’s agenda ahead of time? At this point we're feeling that pull out is much more detrimental than keeping him in Gen Ed.
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