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  1.    how do you post a question to a club 

    1. Kristen


      I'm having trouble with this too🫣

    2. LadyDJ


      Thank you so much for asking this 🙂

    3. Janis


      Me too.....I am trying to post for the first time (I do not have Facebook), and need help navigating.

      If anyone has time for a few quick tips, my phone number is 310-849-8761.  Texts are great because little ears hear everything!

      But I am in a big pickle with lots to learn, legal deadlines, and total confusion about procedure (I do not have an advocate nor an attorney).  I have been doing this on my own as a single mom with twins through multiple districts in California.  I need help...but can offer help in some areas.  Just not technology!

      I'm extremely isolated (my family is all in PA) and could use a little hand holding or a shoulder right now. 

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