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  1. With a cursory search I still can't find just what Massachusetts' law on toilet training is, but it's likely in your best interest to get the doctor's note. A lot of states have buckled down on students, with no active documentation on medical/development issues with toilet training, being ready in that regard for school.
  2. As for college, I would venture to say most courses would have him reading on his own study time with class time used for lectures/discussions, so it might not be an issue. Audiobooks are often just as available as the regular textbooks.
  3. The first thing that popped into my head was stuff like tests/worksheets with individual questions to be read. I'd look into a separate testing room for those as not to disturb others.
  4. I'd have to have more details, but I don't think an outside program can require a school to do anything without, as Carolyn said, getting this all approved and put into the IEP, which is basically the choice of the IEP team to do so. I'm more inclined to otherwise assume the other program would have to work around school. Which is easier accused than done, of course. If it's not convenient to do the other program outside school (and all that time during school hours doesn't sit right with me unless this is in fact FAPE for this case) I'd definitely see how this would support FAPE and get it into the IEP. Until then, it's likely the program's problem. My guess is any state help would likely look towards the IEP possibilities anyway, so that's the route I'd go.
  5. How old is the last set of data? I can't fault them for wanting present levels of information.
  6. I'm trying to look for any resources on the matter. I read the articles about requesting homebound services and this is a situation that is a bit off the norm. Student is attending a cyber charter through the state and has an IEP for behavior, education autism. Parents have an upcoming evaluation for a medical diagnosis of autism. The school is the type that requires a parent or someone they provide to be the "learning coach". The parent is completely overwhelmed by the student's behaviors and is at the point where they can no longer effectively help with the student and are looking into officially requesting 1:1 in-home help from the school. The school hints that this is a huge change in LRE as this would be effectively homebound instruction with the usual parent helping being dropped in favor of an in-person teacher. The idea has come up to move to a traditional district, which the parents are opposed to, preferring the in-home situation for personal reasons (hence the cyber charter). Traditional school, even with any potential self-contained class, might be considered an increase in LRE. Theoretically, the district school would have greater ability to provide homebound services if the IEP team went that way. But that seems an awful lot of bouncing around in LRE levels. The cyber charter has offered increased virtual support and parent training, but parents are worried it won't be enough. My concern is that the request for an in-home 1:1 is based more on the parents' needs and less on the student. While by state law the cyber charter can't counsel the student out, it seems the IEP team could recommend a different school. Any advice on where to take this?
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