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  1. Thank you - I like the idea of requesting the FBA! And appreciate the information on ED in relation to ASD from JSD24 as well. We always include a paragraph in the parents concern section and will address it there. But we're finding that most people/educators look at the first page of the IEP for eligibility criteria and largely skip the rest until accommodations, services. Can you help me understand the ramifications of having Emotional Disturbance on his IEP? The school wants this as his secondary eligibility. We plan to ask for the FBA and push for this not to be included. That said, I want to make sure I understand the effects of having ED listed in high school if it comes to that.
  2. They are not disputing ASD - autism will still be the primary eligibility criteria. He has a history of school refusal that was dismissed for a very long time. Outside assessments diagnosed ASD in 2nd grade; the school disagreed. It took multiple years and an IEE for the school to accept the ASD diagnosis. From his IEE in the 5th grade, neuropsychologist diagnosed his SLDs (dyslexia and dysgraphia), his ASD profile as PDA, along with high giftedness (prior ADHD diagnosis was never disputed). Up until 4th grade, he was holding it together during the day so hard and completely melting down at home - school felt he was fine once he was there. An IEP was agreed to once he started falling a grade-level+ behind in writing and refusing to do work. He has always - even in kindergarten - claimed to hate school, largely because he's never felt understood or that he trusts anyone there. When he feels no one is listening to him or he's being misunderstood at school, he will elope. He does this safely, calls me each time it happens, and I talk him back to the campus or come to meet him. Our perspective, the school is not working to understand the 'why' behind his behavior (elopement and work refusal) or the role they are playing in causing the behavior to happen. He did not elope in 6th grade when the team was working well with and better understood him.
  3. The school recently completed my 8th grade sons triennial and would like to add ED as the secondary eligibility category (maintain Autism as primary). Previously, his eligibility has been under Autism (primary) and either SLD (dyslexia / dysgraphia) or OHI (ADHD) as secondary. We are still awaiting a placement offer from the high school district and are concerned how this will factor into their decision. We're also unclear of any future ramifications this could have for our son. He has been in a counseling enriched classroom throughout middle school. The school team has changed completely each year which has made it difficult for him to build relationships and trust. The first year, the team had a good handle on how to best work with our son and he connected with them well. Last year and this year, they are struggling to understand him and find ways to work with him. We feel this has led to many of the behavioral concerns and avoidance our son is now displaying at school. Do we have to accept ED as the secondary eligibility? What are the ramifications for him now and in high school with ED as the secondary eligibility? And what options do we have if we believe actions by the school contributed to why he is now qualifying under ED?
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