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Parents of children that live in Tennessee

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I struggle with the school district my son is in. I hope this site will help.
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  2. Did the school provide a letter or prior written notice stating why he does not qualify for an IEP? If not, send an email asking for specificity.
  3. I did request an IEE on his issues the school still does not agree with the 2 evaluations they had to pay for. So they told me he could only get a 504 but now he is starting to fail again so I am trying to find someone to help me to get his iep back.
  4. It's really important for you to understand your rights and the IEP process. A team cannot just take away an IEP-at some point you agreed, albeit maybe unknowingly. Consider taking my training that starts next week. https://adayinourshoes.org/special-education-advocacy/
  5. I had to join TN parents so I could reply to this. (I'm in PA - not TN.) It took me a while to get to a screen where I could write a reply. You might not get a lot or responses because of this. IEP services are based on data. This data comes from the school evaluation showing that the student is lagging in an area when compared to others their age. What I've seen & experienced is, with ASD, students lag with social skills & pragmatics. I've also seen where the schools aren't assessing these areas. So they do an eval & it shows there are no needs because the areas you see issues aren't tested. This happens because parents don't speak 'school' and don't know what to ask for. If you have concerns with academics (because of the score on the ctap), ask for the school to evaluate that area too. You need to look at the school eval. If it's under 12 months old, the school will not do another eval. If they missed an area of need, you can ask for an IEE at school expense or you might be able to get the school to test the areas they missed the 1st go around. Have you provided copies of the outside evals to the school? Did you meet to discuss them? Sometimes a school will take an outside eval and provide services based on that rather than ding their own eval. If the 504 isn't working, you can request a 504 meeting and add accommodations. Communicate with the school in writing so you have a paper trail of what happened when.
  6. My son is in the six grade. He is below average on all the tcap test. They took his IP away about a year ago and gave him a 504. I had a valuations done inside the school and outside of the school district. He is diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and desperately and trying to get an IEP, returned to him. Any advice would be appreciated.

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