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Gen Ed teachers at IEP mtg



I emailed three dates/times to school yesterday at their request for a meeting. It is not our annual meeting. They responded back that none of those times worked and asked for other times. I was working to come up with other times and have not yet responded. Then they email this AM saying one of those times now works because they only need one gen Ed teacher present. They did not state which one will be there. Child has two gen Ed teachers. I know legally they only need one gen Ed teacher present.

outside of the annual mtg, school does not provide the formal invitation to attend which lists the attendees until I show up at the meeting. Then they give it to me to sign at the beginning of the meeting. So I never know who is actually attending until I’m there.

The date is one week from today. because this isn’t an annual meeting, Do I have to accept that time or can I propose other times AND request that both are present?

Pros/cons to only having one gen Ed teacher present? 

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Does your district send you a calendar invite for the meeting via email? Our district does this, and their staff they invite are listed in the calendar invite, too. Maybe email your district rep and ask if they can please send you a calendar invite for you and the staff that they've invited? 

Has the district provided you with an agenda/topics to be discussed at the meeting? The topics of discussion should also inform who you and the district invite.

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