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Computers and testing



My 9yo daughter has been diagnosed with EFD and is at high risk for ADHD and a math learning disorder. We have a great relationship with the school and teaching staff. In Ohio, all of standardized testing is completed on a computer. There has to be prior, special permissions for anyone not using a computer. The Spec Ed Director has been trying to get me information re my daughter and using a paper test but until then she has to use a computer. 

How does EFD affect information processing and output? She says she struggles with quick recall on a computer and often gets sidetracked. I'm concerned that her scoring/grades will reflect this. Is it more important to work around that and continue computer use or to amend the IEP to include paper test taking?

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You might need to have her do a few of  these  standardized tests on the computer so you have data on how being on the computer affects your child.  Are there any school tests that are on the computer so you can see how your child does in a lower-stakes situation?  There shouldn't be access to 'side tracks' during standardized tests.

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