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Annual Mtg - Pennsylvania - NOREP (PWN) deadline




Help! We had our annual on Tuesday, 1/17/23. We did not finish the meeting due to disagreement so we set up another meeting for tomorrow, Friday, 1/20/23. This is the date that the district needs me to sign by so they are not out of compliance. 

However, I would really like to bring the draft IEP and NOREP (PWN) home over the weekend to review. I’ll likely agree to it and I don’t want them to be out of compliance.

But is it my legal right to be able to bring home the draft IEP and NOREP (PWN) to review?

Can someone please confirm that I do have 10 days to return the NOREP (PWN) that will be provided to me tomorrow despite this potentially placing the district out of compliance?

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The PWN should be written after the IEP is done. Is the deadline the school is worried about their deadline for the new IEP to go into effect? I'm not in PA and given that your meeting is tomorrow, maybe call the PA Dept. of Education first thing in the morning to get clarification. The Special Education ConsultLine phone number is  1-800- 879-2301. I would also ask the school if the next annual review could please be done at least a couple weeks before the IEP needs to go into effect to give you time to review the final copy & the PWN.

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