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After IEP meeting notes



Pennsylvania if it matters

I always send very detailed after IEP meeting notes. I have always closed by saying if I missed or forgotten anything, to please reply by a deadline (usually 2 or 3 days) while memories are still fresh. The team never used to respond but they did for the last two meetings.

For the most recent meeting, they straight up asked me to remove something and send them a revised copy by Monday because they claimed they verbally said something else in a meeting two months ago. I reviewed the notes from two months ago and it’s not in there and she did not contest it then, although someone else did contest something else for herself and something else unrelated pertaining to this person, but not this new issue. 

first question, Can I let it in my notes and simply make a footnote and refer to their email and the meeting notes before for which they claim they said it then (but it’s not in there and was not contested then),

second question, should I stop asking for input on my notes? I send to the entire team.

third question, If I don’t request input, and they don’t respond, will my notes legally hold up if I ever find myself in due process or making a state complaint, etc.?

fourth question, if they disagree with my notes, are they required to reply even if I don’t request it? 

Fifth question, We just had another meeting yesterday and I need to send out notes for this meeting - but I don’t know if I should include my standard clause requesting input because of the issue it is causing right now?

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From what I had heard, something like this did stand up in court.  I think giving them a week to respond might be better as you don't know their workload.

Sending a recap of the meeting is a good idea.  The NOREPs I've gotten have always been somewhat vague.  This better clarifies what happened at the meeting.

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Answers to your questions below:

1)  Just to clarify:  Are they asking you to send a revised copy of the most recent meeting notes OR of the notes from the meeting two months ago which contains the alleged additional/incorrect verbal statement?  Either way, you have no responsibility to send them ANY revision.  You are giving them an opportunity to respond to your recollection - that's it.  It doesn't come with any obligation on your part to do more.  I do think it's a good idea to put a "footnote" or even a response to them documenting that this correction was not asked for in close proximity to the meeting date, but rather two months later.  Because even though you gave them a "deadline," they have no obligation to you to meet this deadline, and now the email is out there and should be addressed by pointing out the delayed response.

2)  I don't think these recent responses should stop you from sending out your notes.  Just make sure to respond to any changes you don't agree with that "we'll have to agree to disagree" because that is not your recollection.  However, since discrepancies are being reported, you might want to think about recording future meetings, if your state and school district allow that.

3)  Without doing more research, I can't say for sure that your notes would hold up "legally," but I would think they would at least be considered (along with any notes the school might be taking).  However, it would help if they were sent in an email in close proximity to the time of the meeting.  You could even send them in a email to yourself if you didn't want to send to the school.  But I see no harm in continuing to send these to the school.

4)  I'm not familiar with PA, but I can't imagine that there is any requirement for school districts to reply to your notes.  It would be in their best interest, however, if they disagree with any part of them.

5)  I would continue with your current practice of requesting input.  They can respond whether you ask for it or not, and if you stop asking for it now, it might look like you're no longer trying to get accurate notes.

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