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Evaluation for IEP

Christi Blunt


Good morning, 

I have a case where the initial evaluation was started 4/28/2022 and completed 10/6/2022.  The child didn't qualify for services even though most of his T-scores on the BASC3 was above 70 so in the clinically significant area.  The child also has a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD, and OCD.  I was informed yesterday in a meeting we can no longer use the initial evaluation to try to get services.  The school has to perform a whole new evaluation.  This is in the state of Missouri.  Is this true?  The evaluation is not even a year old.  Any suggestions? This was a very heated meeting with the Director of Special Education.  I just don't want to be pushed around.




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I'm not completely sure what they mean by "can no longer use the initial evaluation to try to get services."  I'm guessing they are saying that it was done, considered, and eligibility was determined (am I correct in assuming that the meeting you refer to was the eligibility meeting?).  Therefore, case closed with respect to that evaluation.  In the Missouri State Plan for Special Education (I highly suggest printing out a copy and taking to meetings), a reevaluation may not occur more than once a year unless the parent and school district agree otherwise, which is unlikely in your case.  So your options at this point would be to request an IEE or file a state complain if you feel there is a procedural issue(s) in how the evaluation was conducted or eligibility was determined.  Did they go through the Missouri Compliance Standards (something else I have printed out and take to meetings) and show how the data in the school's evaluation was not sufficient to meet eligibility?

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