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Not Getting Speech Time



My child’s teacher recently shared that one of the SLPs at the school resigned and that my child is not receiving the speech/language service time outlined in her IEP (the two SLPs were previously covering the service time). I have not received any formal notification from the school of this and have received no communication from the SLPs this school year other than a short check-in call that I requested. Should the school be tracker her service time? How do I address this? Are we eligible for compensatory services?

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"Compensatory services are required to remedy any educational or other deficits that result from the student with a disability not receiving the evaluations or services to which they were entitled. " This is a quote from a US Dept of ED.  So I would say yes, you should expect to get compensatory services.  


Here is the link.  https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/factsheet-504.html#:~:text=Compensatory services are required to,to which they were entitled.

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