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What is the PROCESS to decline IQ and STANDARDIZED tests?



Do I need to have an IEP meeting to decline IQ and standardized tests? I've read and decided to decline these 2 types of tests. Requesting for clear information from the school is like pulling teeth so I'd like to learn about the typical process for declining specific tests. Is an email sufficient? Do I have to state reasons? Are there forms to filled out, sufficient? 

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With respect to the IQ test (and all other testing/evaluation areas), it is not a matter of "declining" as much as it is not consenting.  So when you receive the consent form for areas to be evaluated, make them uncheck that box before you sign.  However, I don't know all the issues, disabilities, etc., in your child's situation.  Sometimes IQ tests are warranted in order to receive the services for which you are asking.

As for standardized tests, I don't have a lot of experience in that area in terms of having a student removed from such testing, but I do think it would require an IEP meeting, as there is a specific area in the IEP document which pertains to state and district assessments and where removal from this testing would have to be documented.  Also, you would need very good reasons since many standardized tests are required by the state in which you live.

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