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1-1 Not in IEP but child has one?



I found out at back to school night (which was after school started) that my child has been assigned a 1 on 1 aide, this is NOT in his IEP. I don't even know what to think or do about this? I have asked for an IEP meeting (that they keep refusing to hold) but what should I be asking about this 1 on 1 and her role.


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What State are you in ? What grade is your son in?

Aids can be appointed to general education students, for instructional support or safety( they can have behavioral plans too ) your son is both. However, you have all the same rights as any General Education Students parents . And  your son has those same right too,  the IEP is in addition to that. If it was done under Gen Ed ( or the principal) the parents are suppose to be included.   This is important many times the school do not follow that.   I would go directly to the principal tell him you are entitled to all the same info as the Gen ED kids with out an IEP .( So you do not get bounced around.) Most school  principals are also  responsible for the IEP and that its implementation ( this is not often disclosed)    Unfortunately, there reasons why schools sometimes do this and well someone slipped or gave you the heads up.  You are a equal member of the IEP team and are entitled to all the same information the school has and the IEP  team  not holding a meeting and more are denial of FAPE  

1. Who appointed a 1:1 aid for my son 

2. Why  was a 1:1 appointed to my son ( what are the concerns) 

3. Who is the aid and there qualification and training 

3. Since school started over  month ago I would ask for all the notes and data collected. And behavioral reports ( from the aid or teachers) 

4.  DOES my son have a BIP (and if so.) Who did it their qualification.  I would like to see all the observation notes and data from that .

5. Ask for a copy  you are entitled to a copy. What are the goals and interventions ?  

Unfortunately schools some times do this to make changes in placement they think the parent might object to ( and could win on) Sometimes because they think parents will object to interventions and more.  





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