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Hello all, I am new here, so I apologize if this is placed in the wrong area.

My questions is:

1. When a child does not have a behavior plan, but has goals within the social emotional domain, can they still but “NO” for this section? And if they should put yes, how can I best advocate for it?

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Do you mean that the school answered "no" to the question on the IEP form asking whether the child has behaviors interfering with their or other students' learning, but you feel the team should have marked "yes?" If a child has behaviors that impede their, or other students' access, to the educational environment, there should be goals working to address those behaviors. If the school said "no" to this question, but you feel the answer should be "yes," provide the team with a list of data to support why you feel the answer should be "yes" and request that they update the IEP. The data could include notes sent to you from school staff; emails regarding behavior at school; notes you've taken on any phone calls you've received from the school for behaviors, etc.

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