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I'm sorry for the long post. I'm just at a loss and feel like I'm failing my highschooler if I don't take action. Which will affect their future.

My child has Autism but is very high functioning, they are in an EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorder) classroom that has a teacher that curses the students and feels like it is his job to "turn them into men" by verbally abusing them.

The teacher has been reported multiple times by other parents with recorded footage of their actions. Nothing has been done.

This has changed the whole trajectory of his education as we had a plan in place with Behavior supports and an ATC program to learn a trade.

Due to the unstable classroom setting I want to move my son out and have requested an emergency IEP meeting to change his LRE (Least Restrictive Environment). When I requested the meeting the teacher said he would not be able to have any behavior goals if that is the case. Does anyone have any experience with moving their child out of the EBD highly structured environment and keeping behavior goals?  What did you use to base your case and what do you recommend that I say to come across confident?  Another teacher told my son today that he had his own opinions about the meeting so I know both EBD teachers will be in there. I will be alone as my son's behavior therapist can't reschedule a prior engagement and his dad can't get off work.

Thank you in advance!

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In my district, we have RBTs who can push in behavioral interventions when a student is in gen ed classes.  I don't see how this methodology would work with students who have emotional disabilities.  I don't believe this is best practice.

I'm surprised with reporting them to the state that they haven't pulled the teacher's license.  (If reported to the school, they might not do much if the teacher has tenure.)   One approach would be to show your child needs a firm but calm approach without swearing.  Then you have the teacher follow the IEP/find a placement that fits his needs.

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Write a letter to your County Office of Education. Keep it factual and list out the harm that is being perpetuated against your child. Send a copy to the State Office of Education if you need to. Send these letters certified, and keep a copy for yourself. Your student has a federally mandated legal right to a proper education, not an abusive one.

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Unless I'm missing something, I would say of course you can have behavioral goals - in ANY environment.  I don't have anything specific to base this on.  You would just need to have the data/evaluation that shows he has behavioral deficits that make him eligible for specialized instruction and goals.  Keep it simple.  If he needs it and that need is documented in an evaluation, then he should get it.  I don't know on what the school is basing their statement that he won't get behavioral goals if he's moved out of the EBD classroom.  Sounds like this is more for their convenience or a staffing issue, which is NOT a reason under the IDEA.

I don't know all your facts, but it seems to me your biggest "fight" and concern is moving him to a different environment.  Again, you will need data showing this environment isn't working for him, is harmful, or is not the least restrictive environment he can be in.  Do you have any data/documentation/evaluation that supports your statement that this "has changed the whole trajectory of his education?"  If not, ask for a school evaluation, then an IEE if you're not satisfied with this school eval. 

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