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Revision meeting - no changes



We had an IEP revision meeting where multiple things were discussed with a consultant adding what should be occurring with my son, 1.5 months from graduation mind you, but the school has consistently refused to include the consultants input in the IEP document for the past year they have been paying her.  She has in that time raised several strategies that no one does, it's not in the IEP.  She actually asked if her recommendations were included in the plan, or any addendum written.  (Answer is no).   But they expressed that they would do what she suggested (but according to my son that has not occurred), but they made no corresponding revision to the IEP.   I recorded the meeting.  So they covered that there is not a compliance issue with that, but I would think would be a FAPE and lack of effective transition plan.   Thoughts.

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Schools follow the IEP.  If it's not in the IEP, the school doesn't need to do it.  That said, document, document, document.  Write an email:  Consultant suggested X.  School said that they would do X but this wasn't added to the IEP.  I am concerned that without this being in the IEP, my son will not get X at school.  Please take my parents concerns in this email and copy & paste this into the parent concerns section of the IEP.  Thank you.

This is how you can document what was said at the meeting & get it into the IEP.😁

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I would also request a Prior Written Notice stating that the consultant's recommendations (which you agreed with and asked for - if you didn't make this clear in the meeting, request another one and do so) were denied.  If they refused to issue a PWN for this, your follow up would be "then you agree with them, so let's add them to the IEP."  They have to do one or the other - agree to add to IEP or issue a PWN that they refused.  That would be a compliance issue.

But you are correct - otherwise, you are talking FAPE and lack of transition plan, which would require due process.  I would start with requesting mediation or a facilitated IEP meeting (if your state offers those).

The big problem I see is your son graduating in 1.5 months.  That doesn't give you a lot of time to do anything (mediation, etc.).  You may be stuck with asking for compensatory services for the school district's past failures.  Are you considering delaying his graduation date at all?  If so, reach back out on this site for advise on that route.

Sounds like your district is playing the "delay game" and winning.

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