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Medication for ADHD /anxiety/SPD in young children



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There was one prescription med for ADHD that was taken off the market.  It was high in Omega 3.  You can get Omega 3 over the counter & it might help.  Caffeine can also help but it wears off quickly.  I'm not as sure about anxiety.  B12 can help or B complex.  Do check with your doctor or pharmacist about this as I am not licensed to prescribe.  I'm suggesting you speak to someone with a license about these OTC remedies.  They should be able to suggest the right dosage.

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All of my kids have ADHD as well as anxiety (4). I would recommend a micronutrient panel be drawn if your child can tolerate it and your insurance will cover it then address any nutrients that may be deficient. Many children with ADHD can have difficulties breaking down Folic Acid (MTHFR gene variant) and will need to supplement with a methylated form of folate (our entire family has this gene). ADHDers also tend to be Magnesium deficient. It’s great to supplement in the evening before bed to help calm and relax. Other good supplements are Omega 3 and vitamin D. I also give vitamin D because we live at high altitude.  It can also take several months to see any improvement as levels slowly increase. Full disclosure, we did have to add prescription medication for anxiety for 3 children because they have more extreme symptoms and 1 required the addition of a non-stimulant for ADHD when she began puberty.

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