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Christi Blunt


What is the best way to prove FAPE for a child who needs ABA therapy? The school will not provide transportation at 1:00 pm from school to ABA therapy.  The school states FAPE is being provided but the pediatrician, myself (advocate), BCBA, and mom do not agree. UGH!! And this is in Missouri.  Thank you so much in advance.

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If you're asking for something specific on an IEP, you need to not only demonstrate that is FAPE for the child, but that what the school is offering is not FAPE.

What IEP goals is the ABA for?

Also, I would expect to hit roadblocks with this--the school is responsible for providing FAPE. But what you're asking is that he receive FAPE in another location, away from the school, over which the school has no control. And then they're responsible? What if he regresses because of it, or because of missing school in the afternoon, then what?

I would not expect a district to sign off on interventions over which they have no control--because it's on them if it doesn't work out.

You have to define why this is FAPE for him, and what they are offering is not.


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The only time I've seen a school transport to ABA therapy is when the therapy starts soon after school dismissal and therapy is the after school 'daycare' location.  It needs to be in the feeder area for the school for this to happen.  Keep in mind, the doctor is looking out for your child's medical needs and the school looks at educational needs.  You'd need to show an educational need for this sort of medical therapy to get this to happen.

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Is 1 pm when school gets out, or is ABA replacing a portion of the school day?

From a school perspective, this is a pretty difficult situation for a school. I don't see a school seeing replacing part of a school day (if the ABA is disrupting school) because it's likely not reasonable to the teachers and staff tasked with providing lessons and services during that time. Lisa is correct as well that this puts the ups and downs of ABA on the school if they're tasked to it in the IEP, and I can see that being considered unreasonable.

I mean nothing more than searching for information here, but is this transportation more about the student's schedule or the parent's? (If it's about the parent's schedule, you might be able to rope in community or insurance services for transportation.)

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