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requesting draft of FBA before IEP meeting?



My son's FBA is complete and I have the Notification to Participate in the IEP meeting.(develop, review or revise) The meeting is scheduled for Nov 3. although I have been doing these for years, I have not been doing them right ( participating and advocating). I read that one can request a DRAFT copy of the FBA before the meeting. Do I sign the Notification and intention to be at the IEP and attatch a letter requesting the info before the meeting or should I wait until i have the info before commiting to the meeting? Who should I send the request to? Is there a specific format for this? Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Very few states require a draft. Request one, but get clear on whether or not they are required to provide one.

and don't beat yourself up, we've all made mistakes, when we know better, we do better

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I sign the parent invitation form for the meeting and state that I will participate. I request draft documents and assessments before our IEP meetings from the district rep of the IEP team. I send a short email requesting the info I need to prepare for the meeting. Disability Rights CA has a quick read on this that may be helpful at https://serr.disabilityrightsca.org/serr-manual/chapter-2-information-on-evaluations-assessments/2-25-can-i-get-copies-of-written-assessment-reports-before-the-iep-meeting/ .

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