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Do I put this in my after meeting notes?



We had yet another IEP meeting yesterday. My child is is general Ed most of the time with a limited amount of time in the learning support room. During the meeting, the learning support teacher, who my child does spend some time with, said, “(insert child’s name), does not look like a special ed kid.” I was so taken aback; I was paralyzed, I could not speak. Another “team member” carried on the conversation, probably to slide right past that comment. We are in a no recording state without both parties consent. Our district has a no recording policy, with very few exceptions and prior district approval required, none of which apply in our case. So there’s no recording to prove it.

So my question is, do I put this in my after meeting notes that I send to the team? Or do I just pretend it didn’t happen? I couldn’t defend my child, or any special Ed child, because I was so paralyzed and taken aback. There was no conversation about it. My child has an invisible disability, autism, and this comment bothers me so much.

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This wouldn't be the hill I would die on, but if it bothers you that much (and it sounds like it does), I would have a private conversation with the person who said it. I've done this with doctors, teachers, etc. that have made insensitive comments to me before and just as I would want someone to come directly to me if I ever said or did something that was offensive, I try to give that same courtesy to others.

Michigan mother of two with IEPs, and owner of MI Student Advocacy Services. Trying to change the world one IEP at a time. 





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