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What programs are available in Chester Co, PA after H.S. to continue sp ed until age 21/22?



My son is in 11th grade and will be turning 18 in a few months. He would like to graduate with his friends next year, senior year. We have been told he could stay in school until he's 21, and then would be eligible for waivers. If he doesn't stay in his sp ed school (The Concept School), where else could he go? He has high-functioning autism, high anxiety, difficult executive function skills. He is too high functioning for some of the Life skills classes we have seen. What else is available? Thank you.

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He can walk with his class (do the ceremony) and not get his diploma so he can keep his IEP and stay until his 22nd birthday.  The CCIU has a TLP which might be a good choice for ESY.  Because the cost of the TLP through CCIU is high, a few SDs have them in their HS.  They also have the Aspire program - 2 of them.  One has your child do a week at WCU.  The other is during the school year where they are on WCU's campus for 3 days and doing the CCIU's discover program the other 2 days.

How are his social skills?  Things being 'unexpected' from a social skills perspective can definitely cause some anxiety.

Is he on the waiver wait list?  Do you see him in competitive employment?

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