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How to make a No-Meet (IEP meeting) request



How do I phrase to ask/request for a no-meet amendment to be added to my daughter's IEP? I don't recall having IEP meeting for an official written request by parent for an assessment to be conducted and added as an addendum to IEP. I'll ask what other agenda items there may be but the notice was in response to my written request for school to conduct a (Supplementary aids and services) SaS Considerations Toolkit - because IEP strategies are not being implemented.

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You can do IEP amendments without meeting, but I'd recommend doing that for "smaller" issues, like increasing minutes in one area if you and the provider want to do so. Lisa has info on the no-meet IEP amendments at https://adayinourshoes.com/no-meet-iep-addendum/.  If you are concerned that the staff aren't providing the supports/services already in the IEP, you may want to talk with the teacher/therapist, talk with the principal, or have an IEP meeting.

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